Opening a bank account

While transaction settlements are usually not made in cash, direct payment is also possible. Money can be transferred from an account in one’s home country or from an account in a Montenegrin bank.

Preliminary agreement

After selecting the property and agreeing on all payment terms, the buyer signs a preliminary contract and makes a reservation fee of 10% of the value of the property.

Conclusion of the purchase and sale contract

The signing of both the preliminary and final agreement is to take place only on the territory of Montenegro, in the presence of both parties or their representatives by proxy. Signatures are certified by the official seal of the notary public.

State registration of the transaction

After the final settlement, the notary public submits an application for the new owner to be added to the inventory register, after which the buyer is issued with the Cadastre Decision and the certificate of ownership.


Associated costs

  • Real estate turnover taxty Tax

    When transferring ownership of the property, the buyer pays 3% of the value of the property under the contract. The estimated value is determined by the commission, after which the tax inspectorate sends a bill to the buyer’s address.
  • Real estate tax

    The annual property tax, according to Montenegrin law, is determined by local tax authorities on the basis of the market value of the property.
  • Legal services

    The preparation of the sales contract is approximately 500 euros per transaction.
  • Registration fee

    Notarial certification in court is approximately 0.5% of the value of the property under the contract.
  • Realtor

    Realtor services are estimated at 3-5%.
  • Tourist tax

    The tourist tax is paid by local and foreign individuals who have an apartment or house as a secondary living space. The tourist tax is paid annually, approved and calculated by the local authority agency that is responsible for it, on whose territory the property is located.